• The Gum-e delivers steam at the point of contact. Simple.
  • Gum-e machines don’t rely on a wasteful boiler system, mains power or LPG (propane).

  • Efficiency is at the heart of the machine. A single charge is enough power to remove a staggering 2,000 pieces of chewing gum!

  • The wand for the operator weighs less than 1kg ensuring fatigue free cleaning.

  • The whole unit is light enough to be comfortably carried and transported at 12kgs.

The ergonomic Gum-e handle contains the “steam on demand” technology. The whole handle is cool to the touch and lightweight to use.

Ideal for quickly removing gum from seats on trains and in cinemas.

With the extension poles the Gum-e makes light work of removing gum from all hard surfaces, Tarmac and carpets.

Our unique brush “Quick Release” system means fast and safe removal with no need to ever touch a hot brush again !

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The World’s First Single Battery Powered Steam Cleaning Solution!

The Right Product. The Right Solution.

Gum-e is not only the first battery powered steam producing machine in the world but also the safest!  No power cables & No explosive and flammable gas!


The Worlds First Battery Powered Steam Machine

Battery Powered Steam

Steam-e are proud to launch Gum-e, the world’s first battery powered chewing gum removal machine.
The vegetable based ingredient in the steam destroys the gum in just a few seconds.

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